Pet Policy

Morvern Valley Guesthouse prides itself on being pet friendly accommodation. Many dogs come and enjoy the many country lane walks, and a holiday at Morvern. Many people bring their dog or cat to stay with them at Morvern Valley, we have even had a pair of guinea pigs and a rabbit stay with us.

This is included in your tariff – we do not charge you for bringing a dog or pet.

Basic Pet Policy Points:

  1.  Dogs must be over 2 years of age.
  2.  Welcome inside – but not up on the Furniture or beds.
  3.  Take the dog with you on Outings, or tether outside at the Kennel.
  4.  Contact us to make sure we can accommodate your pet.

Our basic dog policy is that if your dog is under two years of age unfortunately we won’t be able to have him stay – perhaps next holiday when he is a little older (calmer and wiser).

We are true dog lovers, we have many pets come to stay and your dog is very welcome at Morvern Valley, and welcome inside the cottages to enjoy your holiday to the full, (just not up on the beds or furniture).

But for your own enjoyment please consider carefully when deciding to bring your dog. Bringing your dog can severely limit your range of outings – for example they are not permitted in the National Park or to Glow Worm Glen.

There is nowhere in the actual house you can leave your dog when you go out, and you definitely cannot leave him in the laundry or on the verandah due to possible damage.

But when you do wish to go out to somewhere you cannot take your canine pal, there is a tether next to the large kennel in the house yard of your cottage. He will be quite happy watching all the animals and birds come and go.

Your dog cannot be left unsupervised in the yard of your cottage unless tethered (due to the many farm animals, and gentle free ranging poultry – some with tiny ducklings – who call Morvern home. But please note – this is not an option if your dog tends to continually bark or whine when left alone, as other guests have come to enjoy peace and tranquility).

The house yard fences are not dog proof fences as indeed if a dog is unhappy and wants to get out to find you, they will find a way. So make sure he or she is firmly and safely attached to the tether. A dog that gets out and is unaccompanied in the country can get in all types of unwanted attention from rangers, as farmers worry about their stock.

Your dog comes at your own risk as there are large farm animals.

Morvern Valley Guesthouses – self-contained pet friendly accommodation within easy walking distance to Bundanooon village.

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