Dog Policy

If you would like to bring your pet this is by special prior arrangement only and it must be over 2 years of age. Puppies and young dogs are not permitted at the farm. Bringing a pet is at your own risk and all damage if he or she causes any, must be paid for. Don’t worry it hasn’t happened yet ever. On a more positive note we are true dog lovers, we have many pets come to stay – probably 40% of guests bring a dog – and please be assured your adult dog is very welcome at Morvern Valley, and welcome inside to enjoy your holiday to the full, (just not up on the furniture).

Please remember bringing a pet can severely limit your holiday and your range of outings, as on all outings you should take your dog with you. You need to consider carefully, for example they are not allowed in the Morton National Park , where are you going to leave your dog if you plan to go bushwalking, or to Glow Worn Glen? – or out to dinner at a restaurant , where are you going to leave your dog? There is nowhere inside the actual house you can leave your dog when you go out, and you definitely cannot leave him in the laundry or on the veranda due to possible damage. The house yard fences are not dog proof fences as indeed if a dog wants to get out, they will find a way. A dog that gets out and is unaccompanied in the country can get in all types of unwanted attention from Council Rangers, as farmers worry about their stock. You can however leave your dog secured in the cottages house yard with your doggie blanket, tethered under the tank stand or at your cottage’s cosy kennel where it is quite dry and safe. But this is ABSOLUTELY NOT an option if your dog tends to whine when left alone – as other guests have come for peace and tranquillity.

Your dog must not chase the poultry or the animals (our alpacas, mini horses and sheep may be pregnant) – we are aware that sometimes it is the first time your pet may have met animals, so watch carefully at first, if your dog does chase the animals, ducks or chickens. It is critical this doesn’t happen as our poultry may be nesting, have new hatchlings, or our sheep may be heavily pregnant. We don’t want to scare the hens off the lay! Once he does it you will find he will continue to do it – you will just need to pop him on a lead whilst outside during your holiday. Please note that donkeys and other ‘guardian’ farm animals such as alpacas will ‘kick out’ at dogs if they think the dog is a threat – possibly causing injury or even worse to the dog ( so it’s really not a great idea to take dogs in the actual paddocks).

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