Cancellation Policy

Here at Morvern Valley we pride ourselves on having an easy to understand, fair cancellation policy.

If you cancel no deposit will be lost – providing your dates for your cottage can be resold – however if the time you have booked is not relet 50% of the total cost of your stay (i.e. your full deposit) will be retained.

If you need to change your dates after booking, we are happy to swap your deposit onto other dates – but it is important to note that this is still dependant that your original dates for your cottage can be resold FIRST – if not relet 50% of the total cost of your original dates (i.e. your full deposit) will still need to be retained. (Otherwise we would have no income at all during your original dates)

Your full payment is due 21 days prior to your booking. If you cancel for any reason within the 21 day period of the commencement of your holiday, 100% of the total cost of your stay, (i.e. your full tariff) will be retained.

Once again, even at this late stage, if we can resell the dates at the same price you will receive all your monies back.

If you find you need to leave the property early for any reason, please understand the full tariff for your entire stay is applicable – no money will be refunded for unused time.

Part cancellation of your booking is not accepted. For example if you book all 3 cottages for a large group you will need to continue with booking all 3 Cottages and pay 100% tariff that was due – even if some people in your group decide they cannot come – or you can cancel the entire booking subject to the above.

Things can happen in your life and you may need to cancel your holiday – please consider having travel insurance.

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UPDATE 25/03/2020


In late December we lost our Christmas bookings due to the bushfires and all of our January bookings, New Years, School holidays and all weekends.

We closed the farm and refunded and rescheduleded everyone – this was because the farm was CLOSED and the most important element of farm holidays i.e. the animals were sent away to safety.

We needed to clear and cancel guests as we needed full access to the cottages to take outdoor furniture into the houses, remove BBQs from the Verandahs, and hose the exteriors for many hours on many nights. We defended the property and saved it  – the bush burning at the rear of the property on the 25th of January. We were blessed as indeed on the 25th 4 fire trucks were at Morvern Valley to help us stay safe.

This financially devastated us – by January 28th when we reopened we were in negative, needing bushfire assistance and grants!

We are fair, kindhearted country people, but we simply MUST stand by our cancellation policy during this COVID19 pandemic.

We have ALWAYS recommended travel insurance as part of our cancellation policy – this  has always been provided to guests both on this website, and indeed in each confirmation email.

We are unable to offer postponements – which sounds such a valid ‘easy’ alternative – but this doesn’t work for us, as indeed this will simply lengthen the financial problems for us.

Animals still need to be cared for fed, bills paid, and staff kept on to work with the animals and the farm functioning.

This is our farming families ONLY income.

Thank you for your understanding, and please do not hesitate to contact us for the appropriate paperwork to enable your insurance claim.

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