Bushwalking and Glow Worm Glen

Erith Coal Mine Walk (Our family favourite)

Time : 1 hour return.

Distance : 2 km return.

Grade : Easy/Medium.

Please don’t forget the picnic basket in your cottage – fill it up with goodies and make a day of discovering the Morton National Park. Education and fun too……

This walk is an easy to medium walk, with some steep sections and steps. It winds its way through there different types of vegetation, woodland, heath and rainforest. You will see a spectacular waterfall, and entrances to an old disused coalmine.

This is a pleasant walk at any time of year with abundant wildflowers & native parrots. There is a picnic table half way down (hide/leave the basket under the table to trek on).

Erith Coal Mine walk has a picturesque lookout, and to look into the mine entrance, simply cross the little creek from the lookout, and descend the steps beside the falls. This creek is known as Coal Creek, and is our creek that crosses Morvern Valley Guesthouse!!

Erith Coal Mine was opened in the 1860’s; the main tunnel was dug horizontally into the coal seam which you can see clearly at the base of the cliff. The coal was hoisted in skips to a staging area directly above the mine entrance. Look up and you can see the huge antique pulleys used to pull up the coal. From there the coal was sent by light railway to the rail head, then on to Moss Vale.

From 1872-1881, the mine was closed until the Baker brothers reopened it. They called it ‘Erith’ after their birthplace in England and signed a contract to supply 6000 tonnes of coal to the railway authorities.

The daily output was only 80 tonnes and was of poor quality; around 24 men were employed at the mine. In 1888 the mine closed after a state-wide coal strike.

Ten years later a new start was made and about 4000 tonnes of coal were supplied to the railways. By 1915 the mine finally closed, and the private railway siding was removed.

Take a picnic, and enjoy it sitting on the rocks near the pool at the base of the waterfall – truly lovely. For the more adventurous why not take a dip in the lovely clear pool, at the base of the waterfall.

Wear good walking shoes as the track and steps can be slippery, you are sure to enjoy yourself on this walk.

Echo Point Loop Walk via The Lovers Walk

Time : 1.5 hour return.

Grade : Easy, some medium spots

Start at the Echo Point picnic area, take the Lovers Walk turnoff on the right, and follow the track to Bonnie View Lookout for spectacular views – after you see them, you too will agree that the views are every bit as exciting as those found anywhere in the country!!!

Return along the road passing the wishing well on your left. Where the road divides, take the left hand turn back to the picnic area.

On this walk you will see wildflowers, and the magnificent views enjoyed since the 1880’s.

Fern Glen Walk.

Time : 10 minutes return.

Grade : Easy.

This is an easy walk which starts at the picnic area of the Grand Canyon Lookout, it is a short walk with some steps, you will descend into a lovely cool rainforest with a creek area, where a plethora of king ferns are to be found – truly inspiring- take a camera!!

This is a great first bushwalk to take the children on, as it is quick and very beautiful.

Tooth’s Lookout to Fairy Bower Falls Walk.

Time : 1.5 hours return.

Grade : Medium but very, very, special – totally worth it…

This is a harder walk than the previous walks, walk down the very steep track at Tooth’s Lookout Car Park, and walk down to the junction of the Fairy Bower Falls Track. This track brings you to the very bottom of the waterfall and YES!!! You can shower under the waterfall if you wish – just like in the movies!

Stop and delight in the lush green rainforest, look at abundant ferns and lyrebirds, and picnic here at the base of the falls, – look for fossils as this used to be known as the fossil beds in yesteryear – you will probably be all alone at the base of Fairy Bower!!! You will remember this day for the rest of your life.

Fairy bower is an amazing, magical place, untouched by time and commercialism, it is truly awe inspiring. Take a towel, lunch, repellent, and make sure you are wearing good walking shoes. Return the same way you came.

Bundanoon Creek walk.

Time : 5.5 hours.

Grade : Difficult.

This is a walk encompassing the last walk but going further – down to the creek. This is a difficult walk, that passes through rainforest, heath, and woodland areas, and you should set out nice and early, having a leisurely lunch at the creek, and maybe a swim in the pure clear water, to refresh yourself before the climb back!

Take the Tooth’s Lookout Car park track down a very steep incline to Bundanoon Creek, passing the turnoff to Fairy Bower Falls on the left hand side, half way down. Cool off in the lovely crystal water in Bundanoon creek before the steep climb back, remembering to allow sufficient time to complete your walk in daylight.

Return the same way you came to the Tooth’s Lookout Car Park.

You will really enjoy this fabulous, strenuous walk and you usually will not see a single soul – you can really be at one with nature – take a towel, refreshments or a picnic lunch, in a backpack (not in a basket, as you will need both your hands for the climb back), you need to be fit and wear good walking shoes for this one!!!

This walk is not suitable for small children.

Fairy Bower Falls Walk (Our family favourite too!)

Time : 45 minutes return.

Grade : Easy/Medium.

This is an inspiring walk, and reasonably easy although it could be called steep in places.

There is a terrific main lookout over the falls, and also a little lookout called The Brides Lookout where brides of the olden days used to pose for photos.

There is a lovely little stream to picnic next to, or you could even picnic at the lookout, and you can walk to the top of the waterfall, and see how the running water over many years has carved out a little cavern through which the water flows over the precipice.

Fairy Bower has a real magic!!

You can reach the base of the waterfall; you are able to climb down the steep metal stairs to the very bottom.

Take your cozzies – you can even bath in the refreshingly ice cold waterfall if you wish.

Glow Worm Glen Walk. (This is a ‘must-do’- fun for all ages)

Time : 1.5 hour return.

Grade : Easy on the way down, medium on the way back.

Steep in sections.

Glow worms can only be seen after dark, and a torch (or two) is essential. It is easiest when each person has a torch. Where shoes suitable for slippery mossy rocks.Please be quiet and turn your torches off when you reach the actual glen, as the glow worms can be harmed by bright light.

Tip :Start out at twilight – it makes the walk much easier, as it will still be light going down the track. Remember to shine your torch around you may see womabts and possums too!

Drive to William Street, on the right on the Moss Vale side of town. Park at the top end of William Street.

From here a steep track descends towards the glen. It will be pitch dark (especially if you turn off your torches).

But you must be quiet, and show no lights so as not to upset them, or they might turn their ‘lights’ off.

About 1 hour return (plus time looking at the glow worms).

As you enter the glen there is a viewing platform and in the rocks around you you can see the small colony of glow worms, small insects which give off a fluorescent glow, providing a magical experience.

Depending on the time of year and indeed how quiet you are you will see many of these fascinating creatures. Return the same way. Toddlers will probably need carrying on return

Wear good walking shoes. You will enjoy the walk in the evening, it is an exhilarating experience. The track is quiet but is a popular destination in Bundanoon. Very Enjoyable.

Other Bush Walks.

There are also different walks from the end of Riverview Rd. From this group of walks you are able to walk (during the day) up to Glow worm glen, Dimmocks Creek and also Fern Tree Gully, these tracks are clearly marked.

There is also a fantastic lookout at the end of Riverview Rd, called Mark Morton Lookout with a picnic shelter shed. (Riverview Rd. is the last turn left before the entrance to the National Pk.)

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